Mad Miss Mimic


 About the Book

London, 1872. Seventeen-year-old heiress Leonora Somerville is preparing to be presented to society — again. She’s strikingly beautiful and going to be very rich, but Leo has a problem money can’t solve. A curious speech disorder causes her to stutter but also allows her to imitate other people’s voices flawlessly. Servants and ladies alike call her “Mad Miss Mimic” behind her back…and watch as Leo unintentionally scares off one potential husband after another.

London in 1872 is also a city gripped by opium fever. Leo’s brother-in-law Dr. Dewhurst and his new business partner Francis Thornfax are frontrunners in the race to patent an injectable formula of the drug. Friendly, forthright, and as a bonus devastatingly handsome, Thornfax seems immune to the gossip about Leo’s “madness.” But their courtship is endangered from the start. The mysterious Black Glove opium gang is setting off explosions across the city. The street urchins Dr. Dewhurst treats are dying of overdose. And then there is Tom Rampling, the working-class boy Leo can’t seem to get off her mind.

As the violence closes in around her Leo must find the links between the Black Glove’s attacks, Tom’s criminal past, the doctor’s dangerous cure, and Thornfax’s political ambitions. But first she must find her voice.

Praise for Mad Miss Mimic Best Teen Books of 2015

Toronto Public Library Teens Top 10 Picks for Summer, 2015

Canadian Library Association 2016 Book of the Year for Young Adults (shortlisted)

Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People (shortlisted)

Ontario Library Association 2015 Best Bets YA (honourable mention)

Education Forum’s Best Canadian Books for High School Readers

“Mad Miss Mimic is a very entertaining thriller, with deep period detail – it’s set in 1872 London, England – and a feminist twist.” –NOW magazine

“This is the perfect beach read for that teen who got an A in History (and would rather stay inside watching Downton Abbey than go to the beach in the first place).” –The Globe and Mail

“The author’s knowledge of the era is impressive, and her ability to transport the reader there with snappy dialogue, compelling descriptions and vital characters, while she weaves a tale of intrigue—with implications that go far beyond the personal lives of those involved—of love, of loss and of self discovery, is masterful…Highly recommended.” –CM Magazine

“Henstra…weaves a complex plot that reads like a combination of Austen and Conan Doyle” – Quill and Quire

“Medical and political intrigue abound… Add two handsome and charismatic young men who vie for Leo’s attention and affection, and you have the ingredients for a ripping good yarn. I read it in a single sitting. –Plenty

“Henstra builds a wonderful world. 5 of 5 stars” –Padfoot’s Library

“First-time novelist Sarah Henstra has crafted a richly compelling tale filled with romance and intrigue. She brings Victorian London vividly to life, capturing the sights and sounds and smells as well as the dramatic contrast between the lives of the upper crust and the lowly poor. …wholly satisfying. –Book News (CCBC)

Mad Miss Mimic is a lush and mesmerizing tale of deception and intrigue, societal morals and some good old fashioned adventure.” –Lost in a Great Book