two of wands

I seem to get this card all the time in my tarot readings. In my New Year’s spread it popped up in the Final Outcome position, as a supplement to the Page of Pentacles (if your final card isn’t a Major Arcana card you’re allowed to draw up to three additional cards for more info). Final outcome= What I’m heading towards, where I’ll end up.wands02

A well-dressed man holds a globe in his hand and looks over the parapet of his (?) castle out to the horizon. He seems to be contemplating his future: where to go next? What’s out there? Not a lot of action or conflict in this card. It’s a solitary scene, serene yet watchful. Everything depends on what’s heading his way over the sea, or what he might meet if and when he embarks.

Wands in general represent creative energy and inspiration. Twos in general represent pairing, duality, communication and/or choice. The interpretive consensus on this card is that it asks, Stay or go? Safety or adventure?

To me the choice is obvious. The man isn’t sitting by the fire, after all, surrounded by his riches or his children; he’s gazing out there, overlooking the world. It won’t be long before contemplation becomes action and off I go, questing after my next imaginative grail.

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