revision armoury

revision armoury

Postcard from Revisionland:

1. yellow stickies= To Do items (they get moved to the Done side one by one)
2. receipt tape= outlines (arcs for various characters, conflicts, locations)
3. colored pens= for marking up hard copy (to stave off visual fatigue and boredom)
4. journal= 10 min freewrites to get mojo going; whining
5. ear buds= Great Lake Swimmers playlist on perpetual low-vol shuffle
6. mug= dark roast pourover with extra-hot steamed milk
7. mason jar= refrigerator oatmeal with chia and blueberries
8. windowlight= desk in decommissioned school-turned-studio at Artscape
9. [not pictured]= iPhone for timer (freewrites), music and constant social media interruptions


Wish you were here…

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