carrying on

Photo 2014-05-05, 3 32 04 PM

I made this card for my mom about 30 years ago. She brought it over to point out the painstaking detail in the cutting and pasting, the artful composition, how the tree becomes a frame for the girl. I have only the vaguest memory of making this card–no memory at all of writing the message inside: “Thank you for working so hard to be a good mother to me!” Photo 2014-05-05, 3 32 58 PM

My kids are more or less the age I was when I made this card. I force them to write letters to relatives, and their tortuous cursive looks more or less like this. It’s wonderful- and a little unnerving- to see time pleat before my eyes.



Talk about full circle! The kids recently helped me do some more white-paper-on-black cutting and pasting: I volunteered to make signs for my choir to show significant dates in its history.


And here I am, holding up the “25th” sign for our May 3rd, 2014 performance of “Carry It On”:

Photo 2014-05-05, 9 17 08 AM

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