Gothic getaway

Green Park Cemetery's front gates

In honor of reading Dracula for class, I took a tour today of Brooklyn’s 400+ acre Green-Wood Cemetery. A handful of tombs and catacombs were opened to the public for the first time as part of Open House New York. I napped atop a sunlit hill next to the worn marble marker of someone named Lucy, but I didn’t catch sight of the white-clad girl slipping like smoke through the quarter-inch gap in her tomb’s door…



remember Van Helsing peeling back the lead cover of the coffin (shiver)?

disapproving saint

One thought on “Gothic getaway

  1. Hi Sarah,
    my storyblog, bloodywhitby, tries to marry modern day vampires with the original Stoker text by taking it back the story back to Whitby, in the present day, and examining the implications and intricacies of the Vampire condition, against a backdrop of the local biennial festival of Gothic culture. I’m also quite lucky, in that I live within driving distance of Whitby, so I try to include, where I can, snapshots of the town.

    The ‘bloodywhitby’ story is very much a work in progress. I began writing it almost two years ago, went at it like a bull at a gate then stopped dead when my employment status changed. Now, I’m trying to pick it up and make some progress with it, so any feedback would be welcome but, more importantly, I hope that you find the time to drop by and give it a go.



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