i heart my treadmill desk!

Lookit me; I’m walking as I type this!

Two years of low-back trouble has convinced me that human beings were never meant to sit at desks, especially not hunched over keyboards. Luckily I attended a reading by YA writer Arthur Slade, and during the Q & A someone asked him about the DIY treadmill desk featured on his blog.

Also luckily, I am married to Neil, who is one of the handiest men on the planet.

I stroll at 1 mph, as Arthur recommends. It took me a couple of days (and a keyboard-shelf height adjustment) to adjust to the choreography. And if I don’t snack, I can get a little carsick from the hip-swaying.

But here are all the things I love about my treadmill desk:

1. It does keep my back more limber than sitting. I still need to stretch, but I stretch more often now that there’s “exercise” happening by default.

2. It tires me out—makes me aware of the amount of time I’m working, and deters me from checking email and/or surfing in the evening if I’ve already spent hours at the screen. And I sleep better!

3. I am warm and thirsty after an hour of typing, which feels better than chilled and sluggish (my default state after deskwork).

4. I switch it up more often: I’ll take some reading over to the armchair or down to the dining table, then return to the treadmill to write.

5. I am hopeful that it’ll improve my writing concentration and stamina, as Arthur has experienced. Time will tell.

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