the joy of working weekends

My job is the take-anywhere kind. When I’m not teaching I can be home in pajamas and no one will know the difference.

This would be Employment Nirvana except for two things: 1. Running a household means I’m never in pajamas, and schoolwork is in constant competition with housework/kidwork, and 2. “Take-anywhere” means, in practical terms, “take-everywhere.” Evenings, weekends, camping, Christmas–I am never, ever free of the feeling that I should be working.

Sometimes I go to school on Saturday. I leave my family to their bacon ‘n eggs and basketball games and playdates and fixit projects. The Department halls are dark, and I have to notify Security I’m there or they’ll wonder who is tripping the motion-sensor alarms.

I wear slippers. I print stacks of research articles and haul armloads of books from the library. Then I lie on the couch in the student lounge and read until the sun squats atop the skyscrapers and blinds me. I head home, brain-dead and blissed out, just as all the partiers are heading out.

Not everyone’s idea of the perfect weekend, I’m sure. But for me it comes close enough–and it’s why for me, mine is pretty close to the perfect job.


2 thoughts on “the joy of working weekends

  1. Its nice to hear someone finally say something positive about their job. All I ever hear from people nowadays is how much they hate what they’re doing…


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