big thoughts, little thoughts

The semester is finally up and running, and my head is crowded with Big Thoughts like What exactly is the difference between mastery in Freud and jouissance in Lacan? and What thirty Suggested Topics can I generate for my students as promised in the course outline?

Along with these–or maybe in rebellion against them–a stream of Little Thoughts trickles merrily along. Does my dog know the word “grooming”? Is that why her ears droop when I say it? If I freeze the overripe bananas they’ll be mushy and brown when I thaw them for muffins, but if I wait to make the muffins tomorrow, the bananas will be too far gone…

You get the idea. So what does this have to do with blogging? Well, I’ve realized that a typical blog post is comprised of a Medium-Sized Thought. Something interesting occurs to you, so you write about it.

These days I am not having an abundance of Medium-Sized Thoughts. There’s simply no room in my head for them: it’s Big, Big, Big all day long, and then round about 8:00pm it switches over into Little. This post, for example, is actually a Little Thought stretched as far as possible towards Medium.

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