top 5 student one-liners, 2011

Now that summer is upon us and the wintertime pre-dawn trudge to class is a distant memory, I am looking back with fondness on the winter teaching term.  Specifically, I am remembering certain moments that made the task of grading student exams less grindingly monotonous than usual.

These moments were (let’s hope) wholly unintentional on the students’ part.  And maybe my bar for comedy was particularly low, thirty-seven hours into the pile.  And please understand that these are flukes–not in any way representative of the keen and insightful things my students typically come up with, even under pressure.  But still.  Here, in suspenseful reverse order, are the winning sentences of the semester:

5. A text captures the elements of what the viewers understands mentally.

4. Being able to choose your own fate is sometimes never an option.

3. Humans are the epiphany of the food chain.

2. The process of bringing a child into the world can be over-baring, yet painful.

1. It is written that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but it is also true that sometimes it can take a thousand words to describe a picture.

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