god’s eyes!

Our latest rainy-Saturday activity is stringing god’s eyes.  The technique is even easier than for pom-poms and the aesthetic is endlessly customizable.  Your average seven-year-old will dive right in and innovate with “scary” ones and ones featuring “super-patterns.”  Your average eleven-year-old may start a god’s eye and then abandon it when his classmate Skypes his iPod.  But he will certainly have enjoyed wielding the secateurs to cut the sticks.

Curious about the superstitious-sounding name, I discovered that the 1970s craft I was taught as a precursor to macrame is actually a Mexican art/ritual symbolizing the holy and unknowable.  Golly, but we handicraft enthusiasts are parasites, aren’t we?

Still, I can appreciate the vestiges of the sacred in this.  Turning the four points, winding and wrapping the wool, watching the strands stack foursquare around themselves.  Earth, air, water, fire: with such homely materials as twigs and string we create meaning.

Whatever that meaning may be.

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