uh-oh, blockage. . .

So, Ms. Type, what’s with the slowdown in posts?

It’s true, faithful readers. I have recently been experiencing that dreaded reluctance to commit word to screen.  After intense self-scrutiny I have produced a scientific analysis of the components of my writers’ block (otherwise known as a list of pathetic excuses):

1. Spring-cleaning obligations.  Okay so I haven’t exactly followed through on the urge to organize every corner of my domicile, but that urge keeps prompting me to leap from my desk every shift piles from one area of the room to another.

2. End-of-term screen fatigue.  Crunching grades and sifting through administrivia has left my back stiff and my eyes twitchy.  I’m tempted to hurl my desktop through the window.

3. Sunshine.  I’m serious.  After weeks of cold drizzle the sunshine is making me bonkers.  All I want to do is dig in the garden and run with the dog.

4. Rejection.  Ah, now we’re getting down to it.  I’ve been rejected–*ahem*–My manuscript has been rejected by several editors now, and it’s starting to dampen my natural, bullheaded enthusiasm just a little.  Neil, bless him, says simply, “It’ll happen.”  My writer friends, bless them, say simply, “Keep writing.”  And I know from experience that THE ONLY ANTIDOTE TO WAITING IS WRITING.

Hmm. Lookit that, I did write something.  Onward!

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