My mom was a Kindergarten teacher, so at least I come by it honestly.  There’s nothing I like better on a drizzly Saturday afternoon than taking out the yarn box (yes I have a yarn box!) and engaging in some instant creative gratification.

Fun fact: did you know that “pom-pom” is a powerfully taboo word in certain after-school programs?  As I understand it, every time someone says the p-word, an innocent fuzzy dies a horrible death.  After thirty minutes of giving accidental but near-continuous offense, I tied my purple specimen (above, far right) to the chandelier and retired.

But by then the pleasures of the pom-pom (if not of its name) had rubbed off on both kids: repetition (wrapping the frame) + violence (cutting the threads) + surprise (pulling off the frame) = new toy!






As chandelier ornaments they were a bit of a bust.  Try getting a 7 yr old to eat his spaghetti when there’s a ball on a string dangling within easy batting reach.

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