Soon, very soon (pant, pant):. . .A Game of Thrones is coming to TV!

click to watch the HBO teaser!

I read a lot of fantasy in high school, but never very diligently.  I’d get halfway through a book and lose interest–too much world-building, not enough kissing.  Or I’d begin a series and switch after a couple of volumes.  The hardcore fantasy buffs who were my go-to source for these reading lists (I was going to say these were a group of nerdy boys, but they weren’t a group; they were pretty isolated from each other as well as everyone else) were shocked and dismayed by my fickleness and flagrant author-hopping.

But to George R. R. Martin I have been faithful from Page One.  Those who know his work will appreciate just how faithful this is: there must be at least 3000 pages in the Song of Fire and Ice series.  For most of Summer-Fall 2009 I lived in Westeros with the sad-fated Starks and stormborn Targaryens and made only brief visits home.

I highly recommend losing yourself in these books before you watch the show.  They’re not just for fans of the genre.  They’re for anyone who loves good writing, cataclysmic plotting, earthmoving passion, and a generous salting of supernatural spookery.

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