On board with random?

Is randomness as cool in fiction as it is everywhere else in the YA world?

Look at the comments on TomSka’s ASDF Movie (10 million views and counting!):”this is the randomest ever!”  The wiki for the videos also cites, as high praise, their randomness: “Many view the video as random and funny.”

The Literal Assassin’s Creed Trailer operates on the same principle.  We’re told “the following preview has been put to lyrics for NO DISCERNIBLE REASON.”  See?  It’s funny because it’s random–or because it points up the randomness of the original.

I really want to know if randomness as a source for humor is popping up as a trend in children’s fiction, too.  How does it look?  Can you get that crazy-cut juxtaposition on the page as well as onscreen?

for the time being these are only available in Britain

Because I’m telling you, if it hasn’t already been done, someone should jump all over it.

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