Top 10 things to do instead of writing

After several decades of writing professionally and for pleasure, I think I can officially lay claim to the title High Priestess of Procrastination.  Here is only a tiny selection of things I’ve done in the last few years purely to avoid getting to work:

1. bought a house

2. bought a $4000 armoire on eBay

3. had a baby

4. renovated a house

5. reneged on the eBay deal and got a terrible reputation rating

6. planted a green roof on my shed

7. signed up to sell my eggs to infertile couples

8. signed up to become a foster parent

9. backed out of both (7) and (8)

10. got a dog

It’s not all bad, though.  The dog and the baby are quite cute, and the house is worth a lot more than I paid for it thanks to all the hours I’ve spent sanding floors and painting trim.

Some people fear that blogs are huge time-killers, the ultimate procrastination device.  Writers, in particular, start blogs to avoid writing their books.  Not me.  I’m convinced that reaching out to present and future readers will help get my books get written faster.  I write best under a deadline, so if I can convince myself that thousands of screaming online fans are waiting for the next installment, I’m off to the races.

And if it doesn’t work, I can always–I don’t know, can two dozen jars of cherry compote, or something.  Oh, wait: I’ve already done that one.

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